Raila Odinga in KIbra photo

Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition, has just said that he would do all in his capacity to ensure that Kenyans' input is valued.

Raila said in a statement on Sunday that he would also see to it that their rights are upheld.

The former prime minister said that Kenyans had a right to a government that was chosen in a fair and open election.

Raila continued by saying that he supports Kenyans in their fight for justice.

"Kenyans are entitled to a government chosen in a fair and open election."

"I will use every effort to make sure that their voices are heard and their freedoms are upheld on behalf of the people of this country as we stand with them in their pursuit of justice and democracy." "Ruto must LEAVE!" posted on Twitter by Raila.

He will keep attacking President William Ruto in this manner until everything is back to normal.

Ruto's election was rigged, according to Raila, and the Kenyan people didn't elect him.

On Sunday, the Azimio leader said that Ruto needed to leave the State House and then explained why.

"We continue to believe that Ruto did not prevail in the election. He gained access to the State House by appropriating and distorting popular sentiment. "He must go," Raila said.

The ODM leader says that the Kenya Kwanza government is not fit to lead Kenyans because it does not respect the rule of law.

He remarked, "We have a scenario where a wealthy person who steals becomes a CEO or a minister, and a poor person who steals goes to prison."

Raila said, "Ruto pledged a poor man's government, only to reveal a government of millionaires with no space for the people."


"Take me to prison if you are indeed the President elected by the people." "We will not accept you as the President of this country."

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