Mpenzi Chokuu photo live

Kenyans online awoke to an unpleasant surprise: Sammy Owiya Otieno, alias Mpenzi Chokuu, had leaked steamy videos trending on Telegram.

Choku videos began trending on Tuesday night and spread like wildfire on Wednesday.


Who is Mpenzi Chokuu?

It is without reasonable doubt that Mpenzi Chokuu has come a very long way. From participating in a church choir for teenagers to experiencing physical abuse at the hands of an uncle as a child to finding his place as an openly immoral person who is content with his life in Germany,

Mpenzi Choku's history

A young guy by the name of Sammy Owiya Otieno joined an adolescents' church choir at an Anglican church in Mombasa West in the late 1990s. The church was situated in Mombasa West.

Mpenzi Chokuu photo live

Owiya's friends characterized him as a young guy who had a stronger following among females than among males.

Boys in the past referred to him as Sammy Boy, emphasizing the "boy" in his name since, even back then, he seemed to prefer the company of females over that of boys.

One of the women commented that he was also more skilled at "cat-walking" than the majority of his female friends. Sammy was respectful but never got into a fight with anybody.

"On occasion, the other lads would find themselves in hot water for groping the female students. But he was unique in his own way.

According to a second source, who was also a student in the same adolescent class as Mpenzi Chokuu, "girls were less judgmental about his walking style and his feminine characteristics."

In 2017, Mpenzi Choku published his account of how his uncle had abused him while he was living with him.

"When it was just like today, my uncle assaulted and ridiculed me, and then he kicked me out of his home." On July 22, 2017, he made a post in which he said, "They laughed at me, the ones who I believed were meant to protect me."

Mpenzi Chokuu photo live

He went on to admit that he struggled with depression until ultimately coming to terms with it and learning to "enjoy his real skin."

"One of the principal reasons I don't want to communicate with any member of my family ever again is because of this. I was embarrassed about the way I looked. "Today I am a strong survivor and enjoy my natural skin," stated Mpenzi Chokuu.

Chokuu gets trolled on social media, and he has talked to them and told them to stop doing it more than once.

Chokuu has become a supporter of women's rights and a critic of violence against women and transgender people in the past few years.

Where are Mpenzi Chokuu videos?

To get the videos download telegram, search for Nairobi Leaks or viral clubz to access the full Mpenzi Chokuu exclusive such videos. 

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