FBI dance group leader Moesha Kibibi speaks

Moesha Kibibi, a pioneering female member of the well-known FBI dancing group in Kenya that took first place in the Sakata dance competition in 2011, has shared her story of how she happened to be the "mother" of at least 2,500 kids.

In a question-and-answer session with Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan on Friday, Kibibi talked about how, after winning the prize, she started caring for the poor, taking them in one by one until there were 2,500 of them, including kids over 12 years old.

She stated, "Taking care of the poor in our community is my entire work, and I'm delighted that I'm a mother to many kids."

According to Kibibi, she pays for the children's schooling costs, food, clothes, and medical expenses. She has also leased 15 homes for them in various counties.

She said in the conversation that she is always trying to help them and that she can't relax when her "children," as she calls them, need basic things.

FBI dance group leader Moesha Kibibi speaks

She spoke openly about the many difficulties she had to overcome, such as prejudice, comments from others that she was wasting her time, and rape loading.

Despite the numerous difficulties, Kibibi said that she was forced to put a lot of effort into her dancing in order to pay her school fees and take care of the kids.

To survive, she is reliant on well-wishers, benefactors, goodwill, and her money.

When asked why she started giving back to the community, she said that the help she gives is based on what she did in a past life.

"I was born in Majengo, and after losing both of my parents, I had to accept that this was my life. I've been through a lot, and what I'm telling these youngsters is my life narrative," she said.

Kibibi went on to remark that she is proud of the children and that they do well in school, which inspires her to continue making ever-greater sacrifices for them.

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