Raila Odinga today news in azimio protests
Azimio party leader Raila Odinga

The leader of the Azimio party, Raila Odinga, has shattered any hopes that he and President William Ruto would work together to get things back to normal.

This comes after he said that he will never make contact with President William Ruto again because of his unlawful hold on authority.

Raila says that the government of Kenya Kwanza's claims that Azimio is trying to force a handshake are not true and not backed up by evidence.

"Kenya Kwanza has persisted in asserting that all we want is a handshake," the author writes.

"This rumour is categorically false and has no basis in reality." is an offensive statement that belittles the intelligence of Kenyans."

He went on to say that the United States "would not join in an embrace with a rogue dictatorship."

Raila has made his own statement in response to the advice he got from Catholic bishops to use different ways to talk about his problems.

Wednesday, the bishops sent a statement to the press in which they asked President Ruto and Raila to seriously think about the idea of talking to each other as a way to get out of the current stalemate.

"Our response to the clerics on our demonstrations is contained in the bible," Raila says, "and we are searching for the reality of the situation on the election server, lowering the cost of living, revoking the appointments of 50 CAS, and restoring 'Cherera Four.'"

Around this time, Raila urged his supporters to show up in large numbers on Monday while remaining calm.

He said that the "mother of all protests" will take place the following week.

"We call on all nationalistic Kenyans to turn out in large numbers on Monday (March 27) for the mother of all protests in Nairobi, and to do so respectfully," Raila said. 

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