Harrison Kombe, a Magarini MP, now asserts that notorious preacher Paul Mackenzie had to shut down his church because he had buried his two wives beneath the pulpit.

According to Kombe in a discussion with Citizen TV, the behaviour infuriated churchgoers and the entire public, causing him to shut down the church's doors.

Paul Mackenzie cult

"Pastor Mackenzie began his ministry in the Furunzi region of Malindi. He later lost his wife and buried her in the church, as well as another one, and he interred both of them at the altar, " according to Kombe.

After dissolving the church, according to Kombe, Mackenzie claimed he was going to establish an agricultural property and withdrew to Shakahola.

"Eventually there were disputes, which is why the church was closed. He stated he was intending to do some agricultural work after it was shut down. About three years ago," Kombe continued.

The lawmaker claims to have come upon an ardent devotee of the preacher who had eluded Mackenzie's flock.

The individual allegedly said to Kombe that he had seen more than 50 people pass away and be buried in Shakahola.

"He informed me that there is misery and death there." "Since I went there, I have seen over 50 people being buried," he claimed to me.

"I visited Malindi's DCI headquarters after doing my research, and to our amazement, the Deputy Officer began complimenting Mackenzie and stating that he is a fine man."

"He was taken into custody by us and afterwards released on a Ksh 10,000 bond." Following the funeral procession to the graves of eight children on Wednesday night, 98 bodies have been removed from Shakahola.

Even as the authorities step up their inquiries into Paul Mackenzie's cult-like faith, which persuaded its adherents to fend for themselves to death "to meet Jesus," the bulk of those verified dead are minors.

At least 300 people have reportedly gone missing as a consequence of the preacher's activities, but neither their bodies nor their whereabouts have been discovered, according to reports.

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