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Diana and Bahati photo ~ Insta

The online community is split over Youtube celebrity Diana Bahati's brazen assertion that she was the driving force behind the singer's fortune and extraordinary achievements.

The couple discussed the difficult subject of vasectomy during a YouTube session, with Bahati adamantly refusing to have the contentious procedure.

Instead, Bahati questioned Diana's loyalty to him and urged her to get surgery on her own to prevent future pregnancies.

Diana became enraged with Bahati's suggestions and general probing, so she went into a rant in which she claimed responsibility for Bahati's artistic and even monetary success.

Diana and Bahati

"Can I tell you anything now that I've done so much for you? Do you realise that you wouldn't have this home if it weren't for me? If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have those children. You wouldn't have four vehicles jammed out here if it weren't for me," Diana yelled.

" You could be much poor if God was not using me. I'm your blessing,' Diana B said.

Bahati stopped Diana as he continued to listen intently to what she had to say, saying that he had not come into his fortune via human means but rather by the grace of God.

"Diana shouldn't attempt to ride on God's glory or claim credit for his favour," he said, adding that "God is inside me. God's glory through me. You wouldn't be wherever you are if it weren't for God using me," Diana tried to make clear.

One of the most well-known and prosperous couples in East Africa is Diana and Bahati.

Diana and Bahati

The formerly famous gospel singer and his wife Diana have an idyllic lifestyle that is often shown on their top-grossing YouTube channels.

They reside in a luxurious house, own multiple SUVs, and drive a variety of vehicles.


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