Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Search Wakadinali songs: Wakadinali dominates Spotify stream ranking 2023

Wakadinali, a well-known hip-hop group renowned for their biting street lyrics, appears to have had an outstanding year from a musical standpoint, based on the most recent Spotify stream rankings.


Wakadinali, which consists of Scar, Domani Munga, and Sewersydaa

This coincides with the release of Wrapped 2023, the digital music service’s annual report detailing how users tuned to podcasts, artists, albums, tracks, and playlists, on Wednesday.

Wakadinali, which consists of Scar, Domani Munga, and Sewersydaa, is not only the only Kenyan artist to reach number seven on the most streamed list, but also the most sought-after artist in Kenya on Spotify.

Furthermore, the rap trio, colloquially referred to as ‘Rong Rende’, charmed the audience, as their album ‘Ndani ya Cockpit 3’ ranks tenth on the list of the most streamed albums of 2023.

“In light of the exponential growth of the Kenyan music scene since our last Wrapped, it is invigorating to see a Kenyan artist at the top of the most streamed list.

“Our mission to elevate up-and-coming artists to international stages remains unwavering,” Phiona Okumu, the Head of Music for Spotify SSA, asserts.

Kenyans continue to have a deep affection for hip-hop, as evidenced by the fact that Drake, who is at the top of the list for the third consecutive year, is also the most streamed artist among those aged 18 to 34 and the most searched artist on Spotify in Kenya.

On the other hand, Afrobeats predominate on the list of the most watched tracks, with the exception of ‘No Body’ by Darassa and Bien, which is in sixth place.

‘Nitangoja’ by Kinoti became extensively shared on Spotify in Kenya, allowing family and friends to also appreciate the R&B.

Sasa Hivi, a collaboration between Vijana Barubaru and Ashley Music, became the tenth most ubiquitous song in Kenya due to its appeal to Kenyan R&B enthusiasts.

‘Perfect Design’ by Nyashinski captivated music enthusiasts upon its release; it remained the number one single daily from November 2, 2023, until the day after its release on October 26.