2023 TotalEnergies AFCON Qualifiers
2023 TotalEnergies AFCON Qualifiers

After the latest matches played in the African tournament qualifying matches, which took place over the past week, six teams have already ensured their spots in the 2023 TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations, which will be held in Côte d'Ivoire. The championship will serve as the continent's premier competition.

In addition to the organisers, Senegal, Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco, and Burkina Faso have been added to the lineup for the event, which will now begin in January 2024 as previously announced.

The following is a recap of the games that were played on Matchday Three and Matchday Four in the qualifications for the tournament that will be hosted in Cote d'Ivoire.

The Group A

Going into the last two rounds of matches, there is still a three-way struggle for the two qualifying berths that are available. In the earlier matchup, the leaders, Nigeria (nine points), prevailed against Guinea Bissau (one goal) to maintain their position atop the standings. Guinea-Bissau is now in the 2nd spot (seven points).

With their 2-0 victory against Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone moved up to a third position with five points and is still in the running for a spot in the championship event. Since they now hold last place with a single point, Sao Tome and Principe have been disqualified from the competition.

The Group B

Burkina Faso's participation in the competition is certain at this stage; all they lacked was a point during their final match against Togo to clinch their spot. They moved up to 10 points and achieved an insurmountable advantage from their previous position in third place after drawing 1-1.

The Togolese are now in the last position with two points, but they have no chance of taking the title since they are just five points behind second-placed Cape Verde, and Cape Verde just drew with third-placed Lesotho. All three of the clubs are currently in the running for one of the spots.

The group C

The most excellent performance from this group came from Namibia, who stunned Cameroon with a 2-1 victory and are now only one point away from qualifying for the next round. They have five points, which puts them in first place in the group, one point ahead of Cameroon in second place.

With one point, Burundi currently holds the third spot in the group. In June, they have games against both Cameroon and Namibia; if they come out on top in both of those contests, they will be allowed to compete in the tournament.

Since Kenya was removed from the competition, the group now consists of three teams.

The group D

As we get closer to the games in June, the group is still up for grabs. Egypt and Guinea top the group with nine points each after winning both of their encounters in the most recent round of fixtures. The two nations will qualify for the tournament even if they draw when they face each other in June.

After consecutive defeats, Malawi (now in third place) and Ethiopia (currently in fourth place) both have three points, and they no longer have any control over their results.

The group E

Angola, Ghana, and the Central African Republic are the three countries that are still in the running for the two qualifying spots. Ghana, who are now in first place in the group with eight points, are one point ahead of CAR, who picked up four out of a possible six points in the most recent round of qualifying matches.

CAR has already won back-to-back matches against Madagascar, who are at the bottom of the standings with only one point and have absolutely no chance of advancing.

The group F

Algeria's Les Fennecs have secured their spot in the competition with an unbeatable 12 points after claiming victory in their fourth consecutive match. They won both of their matches against Niger, so they are now certain to finish in the first place, eight points ahead of Tanzania in second place.

On Tuesday, the Cranes got themselves back into contention after defeating the Taifa Stars with a score of 1-0. Uganda was the team that prevailed in the matchup. Niger is now in last place and is two points down, although they are still in the running.

The group G

As we approach the last round of matches, there is still no clear winner in this group. Mali's defeat against Gambia away from their home pitch by a score of 1-0 meant that they would have to wait for qualifying, although they still lead the group with nine points despite the setback.

Congo Brazzaville avenged their shocking loss to South Sudan by defeating them in their home match in Dar es Salaam. As a result of this victory, Congo Brazzaville moved into second place with six points, comparable to the Gambia but with a higher goal margin.

South Sudan is now in last place with three points and is technically still in the running for the competition.

The group H

By squeezing past Comoros 2-0 to advance to 10 points, Ivory Coast maintained their perfect record in this group despite already having qualified for the next round as hosts. Now, Zambia (with nine wins), Comoros (with three), and Lesotho (with no wins) are vying for the one remaining spot in the competition.

It will only take one point for Zambia to secure their spot in the competition in June. They have already defeated the other team both at home and away.

The Group I

Every team still has a chance to make the cut and qualify. Gabon is now in first place in the group with seven points, one point ahead of Sudan. Nevertheless, Sudan has given itself new hope after defeating Gabon 1-0 in Omdurman.

After playing DR Congo to a tie at their home stadium, Mauritania now has five points and is in third place. The latter team now has four points thanks to their victory and draw against the Mauritanians in the most recent match window, which allowed them to earn those points.

The group J

Tunisia moved up to 10 points and secured their spot in the next round after claiming victories both at home and away against Libya. They are now in first place with 11 points, one point ahead of Equatorial Guinea, which has knocked Botswana from the competition after completing a home-and-away wipe of Botswana.

They would only want one point from each of their last two games to make the cut. Libya, which now has three points, has a probability of winning, but the outcome of the match is not in their control.

The group K

The group is all but finalised at this point, with Morocco and South Africa have already confirmed their attendance. Since they had six points before the start of this qualifying window, Morocco has already advanced in the competition.

South Africa secured their place in the tournament with a nerve-wracking 2-1 victory against Liberia in Monrovia. This victory made up for the fact that South Africa blew a two-goal lead in the first leg, which they tied 2-2. Since Zimbabwe was eliminated from contention, the group now consists of three teams.

The group L

The reigning champions, Senegal, earned a perfect score against Mozambique both at home and away to bring their total to 12 points and ensure qualifying.

It is now up to Mozambique (4), Rwanda (3), and Benin to fight it out for the last available spot in the tournament (2). Two consecutive 1-1 ties were played between Rwanda and Benin.

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