President William Ruto buying maize
President William Ruto buying maize

On Thursday, May 25, Kenya's President William Ruto was unsuccessful in a lawsuit brought before the Court of Appeal by his administration in which they sought permission to import genetically modified organisms (GMO) maize entering the nation.

The decision, which was 21 pages long, said that the Court of Appeal did not find any value in the case, which had been presented in support of the State by the Office of the Attorney General.

The court maintained that the problem was of grave importance to the general public and that it was inappropriate for the government to make such judgements without taking into consideration the issues that were brought up.

"Applicant is required to demonstrate the first two elements, namely the nugatory aspect and the arguability test.

The public safety assessment was not intended to be used on its own or to take the place of any of the other criteria. When the Supreme Court introduced the public interest element, in our view, it did not displace the other concerns that were being taken into account.

"See in the case of Law Society of Kenya v. Bloggers Association of Kenya and Six Others (2020) eKLR."

 A portion of the decision said, "In the end, we consider inadequate merit in the application as the applicants failed to meet us on every one of the limbs."

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