Kevin Mboya photo with flowers

Kevin Mboya, who gained notoriety online when his girlfriend dumped him, can now grin since he won the green card lottery.

For registrants of the DV-2024 green card programme, the U.S. Department of State developed a webpage so they could monitor the status of the applications they submitted and determine if they had been accepted or denied.

After looking at the current state of his application, Mboya revealed that he was one of the fortunate participants in the green card lottery.

"When I applied for a US Green Card, I had no idea whether I would succeed. I just verified the selection results online, and I couldn't be happier with the information I found. Man, I'm so ecstatic! Congratulations to everyone whose applications were accepted, including me," Kevin Mboya tweeted.

When he revealed that he was secretly going to his girlfriend's place of employment to surprise her on her birthday in January 2023, Journey to Kwale Mboya sparked a heated discussion in social media circles.

At that time, the doomed enthusiast posted pictures of himself clutching a bouquet in anticipation of surprising his partner.

"To surprise my lover on her birthday, I've gone all the way from Nairobi to Kwale. She could believe that because I hadn't sent a message or called in the previous 24 hours, I'd forgotten it was her birthday. To surprise her, I'm impatiently awaiting her near her workplace." He wrote, "I hope it goes well."

Some social media users lamented that the young guy was in for an unpleasant awakening, while others praised him for the kind deed.

Soon after, Mboya was quiet and didn't provide any updates on his visit. Fans with an interest are now interested in learning what transpired.

Mboya, however, came home two days later with his bouquet and a concoction of unpleasant feelings, including dismay, rage, and wrath. He said that he would shortly provide more information about what happened.

'Hello, guys. I just returned home. I visited Kwale four days ago to observe "mheshimiwa." I took flowers with me, and I brought them back. This needs to convey a message, of course. I cannot tell what occurred because I am not psychologically sound."

"I went to Kwale with love, but I have returned with space for more love. Thank you for being concerned. I will shortly give additional information about what occurred in Kwale."

The influencer also hinted that he had learned what he needed to know and was on his way to getting over his breakup.

In the end, Mboya spoke about what transpired during the time he went to unexpectedly meet his girlfriend at her job in Kwale and stepped up.

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