Wednesday, July 24, 2024

LGBTQ member Brian Chira dies – Tiktoker Brian Chira is dead, died shockingly last night


Brian Chira death

It is extremely shocking to learn of the death of Brian Chira, a member of the LGBTQ community. Following an accident last night, the TikToker passed away. 

His true name, Brian Wambui Chir, was intoxicated at the time of the tragedy. His remains were sent to Nairobi’s City Mortuary.

Chira, who suffers from despair as a result of drinking and dependency, Brian is one of the young Kenyans who have disclosed their HIV status to the public. 

When he revealed a few years ago that he was HIV-positive, it startled Kenyans. He is a well-known character on TikTok.

According to sources, Brian hurled himself into the road, whereupon a car ran him over and fatally struck him. He attended the University of Kabarak.

HIV-related issues claimed the life of Brian Chira’s mom. His grandmother looked after him. However, he came out as homos3xual after graduating from high school. At this moment, he also became infected with HIV. He abused alcohol because he didn’t accept his situation.

He had once abused Azziad and been arrested. Friends and family members assisted him and provided bail.