Offers to pay Imelda Mwangi's bail and legal costs shock online fans. Mike Sonko volunteers to cover Imelda Mwangi's legal costs and bail after she was detained for damaging her boyfriend's vehicle and TV.

The people's rescuer, Mike Sonko, has reemerged to extend his support. Imelda Mwendwa Kiguda, a woman, was detained on Monday for reportedly trashing her boyfriend's possessions after discovering his infidelity.

The woman in question is accused of smashing his TV and vandalising his vehicle. When the woman was hauled to court, she was required to post a Ksh100,000 cash bail.

Mike Sonko expressed his displeasure with the boyfriend's handling of the situation.

Imelda Mwangi photo with mike Sonko

He asked the woman's friends and relatives to email him the court case number right away in a tweet in order to get help paying the cash bail.

When Kenyans responded to his message, the majority assumed that Sonko was only helping because he liked the woman.

Alchemist@Superdeviant: That goes beyond charity, obviously. Your kindness has a hidden purpose. Unless she purchased the screen and the vehicle for that guy, let the woman pay for the damages.

B@_Nana_Kc: Alas, Aty paid her bail and the associated costs. hello imeenda.

Wewe sonko wacha kusupport vandalism kama unataka huyo dem jitetee bila kuchomea Boyz, according to Teddy Kimani (@Teddykimany).

Most of them received a response from Sonko, who advised them to quit second-guessing his help since his belongings were already dead.

Otiree Mike Sonko @MikeSonkoMy device is dead.

Additionally, he asked any female attorney to handle the woman's case, promising to pay her legal expenses.

He saw it as a request to his fellow guys not to chastise their lovers if they wind up causing harm or responding as a result of being proven to be at fault.

Mike Sonko had previously helped a Kenyan in need by paying a Sh100,000 fine for a guy who had been caught stealing from Naivas Supermarket.

He will soon earn the moniker "Kenya's knight in shining armour" since he is always on the hunt to assist a regular mwananchi.

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