Outside City Hall, undercover police have detained Calvin Okoth, also known as Gaucho.

His arrest's cause is still a mystery.
It was discovered that police have been seeking him since May 27th, Saturday.

Teams were organised, and they were told to find him.

Gaucho turned off his cell phone and hid himself.

On Monday, when Gaucho was mingling with his fans outside City Hall, three undercover police officers approached and asked him to follow them.

The policemen escorted him to a nearby blue Subaru before accelerating away.
Despite appearing surprised by the action, Gaucho followed the instructions.

Gaucho, a supporter of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga, has been detained twice in the past week.

He was taken into custody last week and held all night at the Muthangari police station before being freed on May 23, 2023, without being charged.

As he was making his way to Nation Media Group for an interview, the prospective politician questioned why police had detained him. He objected, calling the action intimidation.

"I went to Central to retrieve my stolen phones from the previous arrest. The officers informed me that I was being sought after when I went into one of the offices. I initially laughed it off, but later, seven individuals came to pick me up and said they were looking for me.

"Before I could call Babu Owino, they confiscated my phone and turned it off. I have not been informed of the grounds for my detention."

Eugene Wamalwa, a former defence cabinet secretary, issued a warning to the administration to cease threatening Kenyans.

"They have begun to target and detain followers of Azimio. My successor claimed that the young man, known as Gaucho, was a lowly person who should not be associated with renowned leaders. These are the actual con artists being duped by the con artists in government, " he claimed.

After making a controversial speech on May 23, 2023, at Jubilee's National Delegates Conference in Nairobi, Wamalwa claimed Gaucho was arrested to frighten him.

The previous CS promised to secure Gaucho's unrestricted release.

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