Gathoni Wamuchomba
Gathoni Wamuchomba

Gathoni Wamuchomba, a Member of Parliament (MP) for Githunguri, spoke with her people about the Finance Bill 2023 on street corners on Wednesday, and she chased them away.

The administration's concern with taxation disturbed the populace, as did the elevated costs of living that caused the cost of essential goods to go into the stratosphere.

Before hearings and casting votes on the measure in Parliament, the outspoken MP and supporter of the governing United Democratic Alliance (UDA) pleaded with the locals for candour.

"Since you gave me your votes, you have become my first employee. I need your candour," the MP said.

Wamuchomba warned those who voted that they would suffer worse if the law was enacted. She also requested assistance with her vote.

"I'm interested in your viewpoint. Don't say that to make me happy, because you will be the one who suffers as a result. Are we going in the right direction?" She muted.

"Tax and unga are the causes of your rage. Should I cast my vote "yes" or "no" now that you supported me and I am a member of Ruto's administration?" The MP inquired.

Residents who seemed to be incensed requested the MP vote against the bill and promised to re-elect her.

One resident said, "Even if you lose your seat, you will be satisfied realising you battled for Kenyans."

Furthermore, although they were guaranteed "heaven" during the campaign, they were incensed by the course that President William Ruto and his government had followed.

"We must drink sugarless tea since we cannot buy necessities." Another homeowner said, "Life has become tougher, and our pay hasn't gone up.

Kenyans and the opposition opposed the Finance Bill 2023 that Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung'u introduced on May 4. This was because of the high taxes.

On Sunday, May 7, Dr David Ndii, Ruto's main economic adviser, backed the law and urged those opposed to it to create a comparable budget that would be more accommodating to Kenyans.

"Those who resist the Finance Bill ought to buckle down and design a substitute budget that reduces the budget shortfall without using tax measures, softens external shocks, and does not rely on the International Monetary Fund (IMF)," Ndii said.

Several lobbying organisations have increased their pressure on the law. The Free Kenya Movement (FKM) set out to gather support for a petition submitted to the National Assembly by gathering signatures.


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