Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president of Kenya

Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president, has called a crisis meeting of Kiambu leaders to save impeached governor Kimani Wamatangi.

The gathering will take place on Wednesday morning at Gachagua's Karen home. Wamatangi, his deputy Rosemary Kirika, the senator, and thirteen MPs are anticipated.

Gachagua was asked to step in on Sunday during a Thanksgiving ceremony at AIPCA by Kiambu Senator Karungo Thang'wa before the war spiralled out of control.

For the benefit of the electorate, who have suffered, an apology meeting was required, according to Karungo, because a lot has been happening in Kiambu.

In an interview with The Star on Tuesday, Senator Karungo acknowledged that the DP had called the county's leaders to discuss several concerns that were impacting the leadership of Kiambu.

After that, the DP, according to him, will meet with Kiambu MCAs.

Some MPs and MCAs have often accused Wamatangi of being an isolated ranger.
Karungo claimed that nearly a year after taking office, the governor had failed to reassemble his government.

The senator said that Wamatangi had been working unlawfully with officials from the previous government and had neglected to submit the names of the chief officers for the assembly's approval.

He claimed that the governor's failure to appoint a county secretary had also impeded the provision of services.

Karungo further charged Wamatangi with seeking out the Mauritius Insurance Firm (MUA) on her own as opposed to sticking with the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

"I want to thank our brother Rigathi Gachagua for accommodating us for a meeting to discuss the impending impeachment of Wamatangi. We desire harmony and assistance for the Kiambu people, " he declared.

Wamatangi responded that there is no animosity between the elected officials.

He claimed that to improve services for the Kiambu people, he has been closely collaborating with leaders on both national and county platforms.

Wamatangi stated, "There is no conflict between me and the elected leaders in Kiambu, and we are collaborating effectively to achieve adequate service delivery.

He added that although a small number of leaders might not agree with his style of governance, the vast majority of them do.

Earlier, Wamatangi had been criticised by the MPs Alice Ng'ang'a (Thika), Gathoni Wamuchomba (Githunguri), Gabriel Kagombe (Gatundu South), and Githua Wamacukuru (Kabete) for his passivity and failure to improve the county.

On February 17, Ng'ang'a attributed problems at Thika Level 5 Hospital to Wamatangi.

Wamuchomba, on the other hand, levelled numerous complaints against Wamatangi, including neglecting to create important towns in the county to draw in more cash for development, encouraging the sale of alcohol by granting licences to additional bars and failing to supply firefighting equipment in her district.

Wamacukuru had characterised Wamatangi as a governor who focuses more on public relations than actual county transformation.

Later, during a meeting with MPs, Wamatangi and the lawmakers addressed their issues and vowed to cooperate.

Joe Kigara, the Ngenda MCA and minority leader in the Kiambu assembly told the Star a month ago that the county's operations aren't running smoothly.

He charged Wamatangi with escalating the conflict between the legislature and the government, pointing out that the governor hadn't consulted them when providing services.

Don't be fooled; the connection between Wamatangi and the MCA isn't good; he's a bulldozer and a lone ranger who loves to get his way, the man said.

Wamatangi should collaborate with all leaders, according to political expert Albert Kasembeli, for Kiambu to succeed.

"Wamatangi ought to take note of Ferdinand Waititu's mistakes. He remarked, "He might be impeached. There was no issue.

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