Sherlyne Anyango marriage from Oga Obinna to Mzungu man

Sherlyne Anyango has discussed the circumstances behind the breakdown of her engagement to her American fiancé.

Sherlyne claims that her relationship with her fiancé soured after his family 'googled' her and learned about her troubled history.

She continued by saying that because of the numerous flags' seen online, her fiancé's family was unable to let him marry her after learning the details.

"The primary factor that motivated me to speak out was the fact that I had considered getting married at one time. The family searched for my name on Google and found information on me as well as a 19-year-old named Xtian Dela. The family told their son not to marry me since the Mzungu man thought I was very attractive, "she recalled in the interview.

Sherlyne acknowledged having some dark secrets but said her sole disappointment is that she didn't realise the price of her actions when she was younger.

"Just because I'm regretting something doesn't imply I'm having a bad day. I'm doing well. Maisha haijanipiga." She said, "Now that my brain functions alternatively, like nimeoutgrow vitu nilikuwa nafanya."

Sherlyne voiced her remorse for not paying attention to her family when they advised her about the web movies back when she had lost the guy she intended to get down with.

"Sikuwa nawaskiza. I wish I never posted myself with my bu** n@ked. I wish I concealed everything," she expressed.

The vixen pledged to provide better material now that she has learned her lessons and knows right from wrong.

Sherlyne, who has returned to her nation, has committed to promoting a brand-new song that would help popularise her music.

Following her unexpected return from living with her American fiancé in the United States, the video vixen, well known for her romance with Oga Obinna, revealed her music aspirations.

Sherlyne, however, had already established herself in the business as a video vixen with crazy films on Club Covid, making the beginning of her music career simpler.

According to Sherlyne, about six additional tracks will be published during the year.

"I have six additional songs that I've just finished recording. You may address me as Msanii," Sherlyne replied.

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