Michael Macharia Njiri, also known as DJ Brownskin

According to Section 225(b) of the Criminal Code, Michael Macharia Njiri, also known as DJ Brownskin, has been charged with assisting suicide.

On July 29, 2022, in Kariobangi South, Buruburu sub-county, he allegedly advised Sharon Njeri Mwangi to commit suicide.

Brownskin faces charges with negligence in preventing a crime in the aforementioned second count, where it is alleged that he "failed to use all probable causes to avoid committing suicide."

The DJ is also accused of destroying evidence, where he is said to have "willfully removed his mobile phone with SIM card number 07**** with intent to prevent it from being used in evidence, knowing that it might be required in evidence in a judicial proceeding while it was in his possession."

Brownskin has been held for three days while a probation report is awaited after entering a not-guilty plea to the allegations.

On June 1, 2023, the suspect was taken into custody in relation to the passing of his late wife.

On June 4, according to DCI, the DJ was detained after refusing a police summons to provide a statement on the death of his wife.

"Njeri's last moments were captured by the DJ as she dumped a toxic liquid into a cup and consumed it without hesitation in her dying minutes, " according to heartbreaking video footage that was leaked by a well-known blogger on April 1—9 months after her bones had been buried. 

"She then collapsed on a couch and summoned her two children to notify them of her imminent death," the DCI said in a statement, claiming that the accused person emailed the footage to his other lover, who was residing overseas.

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