Why Treasury official Tom Osinde was Murderdd in a cold blood

It is now becoming clear that it appears the late former Treasury officer Tom Osinde may have been the victim of being intoxicated, killed, and his body transported to Migori before being thrown in the River Kuja from his Nakuru home.

By a police insider involved in the inquiry who talked with sources but insisted on anonymity owing to the delicate nature of the situation.

According to the source, the dead were murdered on June 18, 2023, the day he was reported missing.

On June 22, five days after he was originally confirmed missing, the corpse was discovered floating in the River Kuja. It was transferred to the mortuary at the Migori Level Four Hospital, where it was registered as a 'John Doe' because no one had yet been able to positively identify it.

The corpse of Mr. Osinde was not positively recognised until Wednesday night, when a family member visited the hospital with a police officer.

The corpse had apparent wounds that appeared to have been caused by a blunt object, the police insider continued, and the victim's car, which was discovered on Saturday, contained blood traces as well.

Mr. Osinde's body was transferred on Thursday from the Migori facility to the mortuary of the Kisii Level Five Hospital, where a post-mortem will be performed.

Since then, two persons have been detained regarding their involvement with the unfortunate passing of the former Treasury official, and they are currently assisting law enforcement with their probes.

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