Isaac Mwaura, a CAS nominee

Today, while Kenyans wait for the High Court's ruling on the appointment of 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS), Isaac Mwaura, a CAS nominee, contends that the installation of the CASs should be approved since it would not increase the high cost of living in the nation.

Mwaura, who was originally designated as CAS in the office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary, reprimanded the opposition for taking the ruling coalition to court over each initiative and/or policy it adopts, arguing that the continual legal battles are preventing advancement.

"Since there are currently no CASs in office, has the cost of living decreased?" Mwaura asked. "The entirety of the issue of linking the CAS issue to the overall cost of living is a sociopolitical question."

"These are only 50 people in the overall structure of an administration with over 700,000 people, so even if we get rid of these 50 appointments, the cost of living would still be exorbitant."

He reiterated that the high cost of daily life will continue irrespective of the court's decision, and he encouraged Kenyans to embrace the present situation while working to revive the faltering economy.

In order to await the resolution of a lawsuit brought by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and the Katiba Institute, the High Court suspended the recruitment of 50 recently selected Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS).

The complainants contend that, absent a specific recommendation from the Public Service Commission, the President is not permitted under the Constitution to set up a post within the Public Service.

They further claim that the President illegally established 27 more jobs by appointing 50 CASs to serve in the office of the Chief Administrative Secretaries rather than the 23 allowed positions.

Mwaura, however, claims that the lineup is identical to that of the preceding administration, which had 41 CASs.

He asserted that their choice was in keeping with assisting the Kenya Kwanza administration in carrying out its duties and that, as Kenyans, they couldn't be prevented from doing so.


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