MITI CS Moses Kuria shocked netizens after saying that someone will die on Wednesday, Azimio Protests Day, and will be buried on the next Saturday. 

Moses Kuria tweet trending

"Mr. Moses Kuria, please remember the kindness extended to you by Mr. Raila Odinga when he visited you at Karen Hospital. He offered words of hope and prayed with you during your difficult time," a netizen reacted to the CS tweet.

The CS tweeted, "Atakufa Wednesday, 19th; azikiwe Saturday, 29th. Jowi !"


A philosopher, Kipkalya Kones, responded to the MITI CS remarks by saying, "Don't make politics personal, as only God determines life and its end. As a senior government official, it is important to be sensitive and mindful of what you write.


"We expected you to have learned from your past mistakes, such as the reckless statement you made about the late IEBC ICT Manager Chris Musando.


"What if that is exactly what Raila Odinga already expects and/or wants? Raila has already held several rallies at which he has told his supporters that "if it takes my blood to deliver you this time, I am ready".


"After 40 years in the liberation struggle and 78 years of a thoroughly eventful life, what makes you think a bullet for the nation hasn't crossed Raila's mind and he hasn't made peace with it?


"Raila knows the consequences of an assassination. He gave his life to the struggle and flirted with death daily for 40 years. Is that a man to scare with death?

"What if that is exactly what many of his followers and the masses expect and/or want? Three out of five Raila followers generally believe that there have been many instances in the past when Raila backed down to save the nation, yet they feel they had the momentum to bring down governments.


Moses Kuria in hospital

"It happened in 2008. It did in 2013, 2017, and 2022. Raila had said these current protests would only take place on Wednesday, but people were threatening to proceed without him because they wanted daily protests. He gave them a compromise of three days a week.

"Raila is the leader of a pack of hardline, hungry wolves in their millions. Many of them return to their dens in peace only because the commander has ended the parade.

"The day you take out the leader of the wolves, leaving them alone to determine their fate in whatever direction, is the day you will know why the Igbo say that he who swallows the Kola nut whole must have faith in his bottom ejection zone.

"But if you ask many Raila followers, they confess that his obsession with being a statesman and saving the national fabric is a weak link they wish they didn't have. That's the man you threatened to kill?

"This same government that was overwhelmed by just Kisii, Mlolongo, Kitengela, and Emali last week (where I saw Prison guards, KWS, and Forest rangers joining in to help the police) actually imagines it can deal with the consequences of a Raila assassination?

"These police and soldiers come from the same villages we all do. How long do you think you can shoot their brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers before they've had enough and use their official guns to save their families?

"In a country of 44 tribes where Raila commands more than half the population, the philosophy that "we can kill Raila then send police to shoot rioters" is so shallow it is shocking. Within 24 hours, that plan will be on its head, and some people will be boarding night choppers into exile."


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