Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, postponed his scheduled protest in Kamukunji for Wednesday.

According to Raila, their choice was made once they learned that the police intended to fire live ammunition during the gathering.

He said that on Wednesday morning, while some of their employees were being assaulted by the police for setting up the stage at the Kamukunji grounds.

He said that other of their employees had also been detained on the at different police stations after being arrested at the ground.

"Last night, we were made aware of a despicable plot by Kenyan Kwanza to transport thugs to attack peaceful rallygoers in Kamukunji. These thugs were protected by the police but had clear permission to fire into the crowd," stated Raila.

"Our team suffered an assault early this morning while attempting to put up the stage in Kamukunji. Their tools were also destroyed. A few were detained. According to the intelligence we obtained, armed thugs attacked Kamukunji this afternoon and fired randomly into the crowd.

Raila claimed that despite injuries and potentially fatalities due to police intervention, the Azimio protests had always been nonviolent.

He claimed that Kenya is gradually turning into a police state and that this must be stopped.

"Police have shot, hurt, and murdered demonstrators around the nation, including right here in Nairobi.  Numerous demonstrators have been detained for taking part in an activity that the Constitution plainly protects.

"As always, it is the cops who murder and maim citizens."

Raila continued, "We have always emphasised that these kinds of gatherings are peaceful until the police decide to disperse them with tear gas and gunfire."


On Monday and Tuesday, he mentioned two incidents in which he spoke with local citizens at the Kenyatta Market and Central Business District. Both times, everything went smoothly since the police did not become involved.


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