Judge Lucy Njuguna of the Embu High Court found Crispin Nyaga

A 56-year-old man was given a 15-year prison term for killing his wife on December 25, 2020, because he didn't eat any meat.

Judge Lucy Njuguna of the Embu High Court found Crispin Nyaga guilty of murdering his wife, Catherine Mbuya, in her decision.

The court was informed that on a crucial day, Nyaga, who is from Kambaru in the Mbeere North Sub-county, sold Miraa worth Ksh3,000 that he had collected from his farm at the Kiritiri market.

After keeping the cash, he returned home satisfied with his "morning kill" and offered his wife Ksh 2,000 to purchase meat and other festive delicacies to add colour to their Christmas celebration.

He would then head to a neighbouring store to get some beer to soothe his throat.

According to reports, Nyaga was inebriated when he got home in the evening and begged his wife for food.

After receiving the lunch, he began to argue with his wife, asking her why there was no meat in it since he had paid for it.

At that time, Nyaga pulled out a panga and stabbed his wife below the knee.

Later, he is said to have taken up some wood and mercilessly struck his wife, who was on the floor, in the head, instantly killing her.

Njuguna, who rendered the decision, stated that Nyaga was a first-time offender, a nuisance, and a drinker with whom they frequently argued, according to the probation report provided to the court.

You are a major offender to your family and the community; thus, by releasing you, we would endanger the community even more. For the sake of the Kambaru people's security, you should receive a prison sentence, she claimed.

Elders and townspeople had voiced concern that Nyaga may hurt his children if he were released, according to Justice Njuguna.

Justice Njuguna said, "In light of the foregoing, I sentence you, Crispin Nyaga Ita, to 15 years in prison."

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