Ambulances parked


After the police in Kangemi fired tear gas into a classroom full of students, more than 50 of them were sent to the hospital.

When the tear gas was fired, the students of KihumbuIni Primary School in Kangemi were inside their classrooms.

However, no injuries have been reported as of yet. It is believed that the bulk of the pupils collapsed after being overpowered by the tear gas fumes.

One of the locals said that police officials separating those who had gathered for the Azimio protests earlier today reportedly threw the tear gas canister inside the classroom.

Dr. Aron Shikuku, the owner of the Eagle Nursing Home facility, acknowledged this when contacted for comment.

The learners, according to him, were over 50 and were transported to the institution in ambulances.

"Yes, there were more than 50 students. We've been able to keep everything under control. Most of them are currently in stable health, according to Shikuku.

Adamson Bungei, the head of the Nairobi police, said that the tragedy was caused by a gathering of demonstrators close to the school.

"As the police attempted to scatter the crowd, it's possible that tear gas entered the classroom. We are investigating it. Medical professionals have taken care of the kids," he added.


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