Raila Odinga the leader of Azimio

The nationwide demonstrations against the government that were planned to occur on Wednesday this week have been postponed by the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition.

The coalition announced that rather than marching to the streets, they would host "solidarity marches and vigils for sufferers of police brutality in different places throughout the country," according to a statement released Monday evening.

In honour of the victims of brutality by law enforcement during earlier demonstrations, the coalition urged its followers to gather outside, light candles, and offer floral tributes.

According to Azimio, there have been 50 documented deaths to date, along with hundreds of other injuries and hospital admissions for serious wounds.

According to the statement, "Azimio has decided that on Wednesday, instead of participating in the previously planned peaceful protest, we are going to organise sympathy parades and vigils for sufferers of violence by police in different locations across the nation."

"We are urging Kenyans to gather outside to remember the victims by lighting candles and laying flowers. We want Kenyans to pray and read aloud the names of the victims of police brutality at the candlelight vigils, flower-laying ceremonies, and candlelight vigils. In time for the exercise, we will deliver the victims' list.

Azimio has additionally requested that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday be set aside for prayers in honour of those who have suffered due to police violence during previous nonviolent rallies.

"We ask Kenyans to pray, especially that the International Criminal Court takes up this issue on the basis of a more comprehensive list of offenders that we are planning to furnish the international tribunal with in due course," continued Azimio.



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