Busia  Senator Okiya Omtatah house broken down

Police are looking into a break-in when alleged attackers took various technological items from Senator Okiya Omtatah's Busia office.

Omtatah has taken the lead in several legal battles involving violations of other people's rights and human rights, including the most recent one against the Finance Act of 2023.

He verified that unidentified individuals entered his workplace in Busia town and stole electronics.

"They could just be regular thieves, but as of yet, we don't know why. We hand it off to the cops," he stated.

He continued by saying that the alleged thieves took electronic equipment he had been utilising for a variety of tasks.

The event, according to Omtatah, has been disclosed to the police, who are looking into it. The incident occurred on a Saturday morning when he was out of the country.


"At this time, I don't want to guess. He claimed they took electrical equipment as well as other items.

Police in the region verified that the event occurred and that further inquiries are being made into it.

The Finance Act 2023, whose execution has been halted by the courts, is being vigorously opposed by Omtatah.

He said last month that he was presented with proposals to drop his lawsuit against the Finance Act 2023 for up to Sh200 million.

Omtatah said in his statement at the People's Anti-Corruption Summit on Tuesday that he declined the offers because they were an effort to bring down the legal system.


"We must make sure that we follow the law. They think everyone is worth something. You can see that the amount of money I've been promised to remove the petition has already surpassed $200 million. However, I tell them that my price is one: If you are unable to lead, resign so that others who can do so can take over," said Omtatah.

Insisting that his appeal was motivated by sincere worries for the well-being of the people and the economy, he promised not to give in to any efforts to undermine the fairness of the judicial system.

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