Interior CS Kithure Kindiki

Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio, has been specifically criticised by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki for the rapacious looting and property damage that preceded Wednesday's nationwide protests.

Kindiki said in a succinct statement released Wednesday night that everyone who participated, directly or indirectly, in the carefully planned disregard for public safety and security will face consequences.

In order to expeditiously complete inquiries and move forward with the capture and prosecution of everyone who participated in both the preparation and execution of the wrongdoing carried out today, including those who funded or otherwise assisted or abetted the offenders."

 Kindiki added, "The Government has this evening engaged all the law enforcement organisations of the State and the institutions of our country's criminal justice system."

In order to put the spotlight on the Kenya Kwanza administration over what he described as its purposeful implementation of policies intended to harm Kenyans, Raila called for demonstrations on Wednesday.

Later, claiming intelligence indications that police intended to fire live bullets on demonstrators, the ODM leader cancelled the Kamukunji gathering.

"Last night, we were made aware of a despicable plot by Kenyan Kwanza to transport thugs to attack peaceful rallygoers in Kamukunji. These thugs were protected by the police but had clear permission to fire into the crowd," stated Raila.

In Upper Hill, Nairobi, at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation, he addressed the audience on Wednesday afternoon.

However, Kindiki blamed the head of the Azimio group and his comrades for all the violent crimes, thefts, and damage done to both public and private property during the protests.

In the wee morning hours of Wednesday, during tense protests in Migori town, a three-year-old boy was shot by police in the thigh and killed.

"They falsified information to the police, claiming they would be conducting an innocuous political rally at the Kamukunji grounds, only for them to begin unleashing terror on unintentional Kenyans, as a result of which numerous lives have been lost, scores of law enforcement officials and civilians have been seriously wounded, and unfathomable losses to the Country's economy have endured," Kindiki said.

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