Otile Brown talks about album flop

Otile Brown, a singer, recently said he would give up singing if his forthcoming album didn't succeed.

The 'Jeraha' hitmaker said through his Instagram stories that he has put a lot of work into creating his forthcoming album.

"I've got too much gaming, real-life experience, and ish ttrawwww on my future record. It must rank among the top three albums in Africa, "just to be fair, or I will stop making music," he added.

The musician passionately denied any allegations that he was pursuing influence in another post, arguing that the affection he has for his devoted fan base is real and unadulterated.

"I never deceived a fan for affection or support, which is why I don't do kiki, you say. I share true and sincere affection with my followers," he said.

Otile Brown responded to queries from his followers in May over his disappearance from the Kenyan music industry.

Some music fans raised their worries about Otile Brown's music in the responses to several of his social media posts, asking why he wasn't releasing hits and why his music hasn't been doing well. Many music lovers urged him to adopt his previous musical idiom.

The 'Jeraha' singer acknowledged the concerns and reassured his fans that the whole thing was in order. He warned his fans not to doubt his music and assured them that he would continue to be at the top of his field as long as excellent music was acknowledged.

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