Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi, well known by his ring name Kapkeno after eating boiled eggs

After striking a wager with his Arsenal buddies, a Manchester United supporter in Eldoret attempted to consume a plate of boiling eggs and was sent to the hospital.

When the two sides squared off at the Emirates over the weekend, Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi, well known by his ring name Kapkeno, got into an incident with his pals, who are Arsenal supporters.

If Manchester United lost against Arsenal, Kapkeno would have threatened to consume an entire tray of cooked eggs. When they did, he started devouring the eggs.

His closest friends, to whom he had suffered the most loss, could be seen encouraging him in the film as he downed egg after egg, stopping sometimes to sip water.

But as he reached the fifteenth egg, Kapkeno fell to the ground, and his friends laughed, assuming it was a trick.

But when they understood he had been overcome, things rapidly got nasty.
He was taken to the hospital and given a constipation diagnosis.

Kapkeno was given medicine and then released once his condition settled.

"I was energised and prepared to take on the issue at hand one minute, and the next I was in the hospital with an IV drip on my hand. I was given three IV fluid injections after a constipation diagnosis. "


As stated by the Standard, Kapkeno remarked, "I am thankful that I am currently doing well."

Arsenal defeated Manchester United 3-1 in a thrilling game. When Alejandro Garnacho came off the bench to score the Red Devils' second goal, they believed they had won the game. However, VAR determined that it was offside.

Declan Rice's goal for Arsenal in stoppage time of regulation shattered the hearts of Manchester United supporters. Gabriel Jesus then put the game away with a lovely spot after Diogo Dalot mopped up at the Emirates and goalie Andre Onana was caught off guard.


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