Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi

Due to its fertiliser subsidy programme, the government expects unga prices to decrease below Ksh. 120 in the next few days.

Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi said the costs of numerous manufacturers have decreased substantially during a random shopping expedition to monitor maize meal prices, but comparing the costs of the same items across other outlets shows a contradiction in pricing.

The CS purchased a 2kg Soko Maize Flour at the supermarket for Ksh. 139, which was on promotion and had a limited shelf life.

Another supermarket charges Ksh. 169 for the identical item.

The CS bought 2kg of Pembe Maize Flour for Ksh. 139, whereas another shop sold it for Ksh. 159. The flour available has been for sale for -Ksh 10 since November 2022, according to the seller.

Linturi claims prices have dropped to Ksh. 130, but how he purchased it is unclear. A supermarket in Kawangware sells Pembe Homebaking Flour for Ksh. 185, while another in Utawala sells it for Ksh. 139.

"From above, Ksh.200 to Ksh.130, depending on brand. Soko sells for Ksh 130, as do Pika and Tuimarike. Everyone in Kenya is enjoying their lunch right now, and I believe this is the nicest Christmas gift the Ruto government is providing us," remarked Linturi.

Most Kenyans stated they had yet to see the government's plan to lower basic commodity costs, causing division.


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