Police Good conduct

About the granting of certificates of good conduct, DCI announces a new directive.

The DCI issues a delay warning and states that a certificate of good conduct will only be granted under specific circumstances.

DCI issues a delay warning, stating that a certificate of police clearance will only be granted with particular care.

"People need to be aware that police clearance certificates would only be granted under specific circumstances," according to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI). 

The Principal Criminal Registrar has a sizable backlog dating back to April of this year, according to a statement released by DCI on Friday, which recognized the impact of technological failures. 

The technological problems were fixed in September of this year, but over 600,000 applications for police clearance remained pending, as reported by DCI, even though 13,000–15,000 applications were submitted every day.

To avoid unnecessary delays, priority will be given to Kenyans who require the certificate for overseas medical treatment, scholarships, or planned flights. 

"On behalf of Director General Amin Mohamed, DCI reassured in a statement signed by John Marete that officers at the DCI headquarters and Huduma Centres (DCI Desks) nationwide are sorting out and separately packaging such requests before submitting them for urgent processing to ensure such needy cases and all delayed cases are promptly addressed."

Marete went on to say that the Principal Criminal Registrar employed both computerized and human application processing as part of a practical approach to clearing the backlog. 

"Moreover, the officers of the Forensic Fingerprint Identification Bureau (FFIB) are putting in a lot of overtime, including on Saturdays and Sundays, to boost the throughput," DCI gave assurance. 

As of November 10, DCI reported that the department has already experienced a decrease in the backlog of applications from 635,000 to 390,778 as a result of the recent modifications.

"As the Principal Criminal Registrar endeavours to expeditiously clear the outstanding backlog, thereby realizing a two-week wait time by February 2024, we regret the inconvenience caused to the applicants and ask for calm and patience," the DCI begged for people to  understand.  

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