A British man, duped by an African, vows, "I Will Destroy the Whole of Africa"

75-year-old British man Simon Frost who was defrauded of £20,000 by a fraudulent African lover he met on the internet has vowed to wipe out Africa as a whole. 

75-year-old British man Simon Frost

When Simon was paired with Eva, a young beauty who mentioned moving in with him, he could not believe how lucky he was. 

Nonetheless, the lady utilised a photograph of a 28-year-old American adult actress named Briana Lee, whose image has been often stolen by forgers, for this very reason.

After his wife of ten years divorced him, Grandad Simon reportedly started looking for love on the internet and met his new girlfriend through the platform, which was reported by an online news source known as Celebrities Buzz.

In February 2019, he became a member of a website, and then, around two months later, he was put in contact with Eva, who claimed to be a healthcare professional living in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. 

She sent a photo, Simon fell in love, and she convinced him to part with more than £19,000 in exchange for her services.

Even information on his bank cards was gleaned via a back-and-forth exchange of texts between the two of them. 

However, when it came time for them to meet in the United Kingdom in August of the previous year, Eva did not show up, and he had not heard from her since then.

Simon, a resident of Soham, Cambridgeshire, said that he was coming out to prevent other people from falling for the same fraud.

It was mentioned by him that

"I had a strong conviction that the connection was genuine. It is beyond my comprehension that somebody would treat me in such a manner. I wanted to find someone with whom I could have a true connection, and I did so with good intentions. 

" Because of this, I will never attempt something like this again. 

"If I had to choose between being alone or going through all of this trauma, I would choose loneliness every time."

Simon said that he and Eva had referred to one other as "babe" and "husband" and had discussed the possibility of purchasing a home to start their new life together. 

However, she was manipulating him with a web of falsehoods to convince him to part with his money. 

She said that she was short on funds and needed it to collect the necessary court paperwork to access the five million pound inheritance left to her by her father, which also contained a cache of gold. 

Simon transferred £6,000 from his savings account, £3,000 from his credit cards, and two loans of £5,000 each from the payday lending business Amigo.

In addition, he spent 1,600 pounds on Eva's plane ticket to the United Kingdom in August, the month in which he anticipated receiving repayment from Eva. 

However, Eva did not show up, and when he tried to get in touch with her, he was unable to do so, so it became obvious that he had been conned.

Since Eva, the one who tricked him, is from Africa, Frost has now vowed to wipe out the whole African continent in its entirety.

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