CS Kithure Kindiki photo

According to Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, $600 million (Sh90 billion) will need to be spent on sending 1,000 Kenyan police officers to Haiti for a year.

Kindiki appeared in public on November 9 to answer questions about the deployment before the Senate National Security, Defense, and Foreign Relations Committee and the National Assembly.

"The expenses of outfitting, maintaining, transporting, and repatriating the troops will all be paid for, "he claimed.

Furthermore explained by Kindiki is that the officers will be sent out in batches, with careful pre-deployment preparation going into each stage.

United Nations member nations will be called upon to provide resources for the mission. 

According to Kindiki, until all resources have been mobilized and made accessible, the military will remain in the nation.

Officer selection and training for the assignment are already underway at the National Police Service.

Divergent opinions have been expressed over the assignment of Kenyan police officers to Haiti. 

Concerns over the expense and the possibility of the officers' safety have been voiced by several. 

According to some, it is an essential step in protecting and stabilizing Haiti.

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