Mulamwah and Ruth K's pregnancy rumours

Mulamwah has been inundated with requests from fans to validate the rumours that she is pregnant during the last week. 

The comedian has not commented on the rumour of his best friend being pregnant, neither confirming nor refuting it.

Similar to other well-known people, the couple may be anticipating an official declaration.

Mulamwah shared a clip of Ruth performing Perfect Design by Nyashinski to kill time while we are entertained by the rumours. 

The movie shows off her beauty even though not all of it—especially her belly—is visible. Furthermore, he shared a picture of a pregnant woman.

Her condition was reported as vomiting when they last spoke to each other.

"Natapika tapika ma asubuhi subuhi ivi na kuchoka choka, shida inaweza kua nini?" Ruth mentioned October 10th.

People on the internet misinterpreted the comedian's comment when they made it in the same way.

She has subsequently shared pictures of her swollen feet and Mulamwah's dietary requests. The couple looks very excited to be welcoming a child into the world.

The cherry on top was that they were married in a formal ceremony six days prior.


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