In response to Kiss FM host Kwambox's statement that comedian Elsa Majimbo does not have sleep problems because of him, KRG The Don has replied.



This comes after KRG said he would give the comedian millions of dollars if she would repudiate her Kenyan citizenship.

Speaking to Kwambox in Gusii, the rapper said,
"Kwambox wacha nikuambie ukweli wewe ni wa nyumbani. Haya maneno umeanza kuleta hii Nairobi si Mazuri. Kwa sahii wacha nipigie watu Kisii tufanye kinyumbani. KRG hapo mahali ameongea kikisii Kwa sahii wacha nipigie watu Kisii tufanye/tumalize kinyumbani."

Kwambox had already made fun of KRG on the Kiss FM morning programme this morning.

"Elsa isn't losing any sleep over you, not in a negative sense. She presumably thinks of KRG as her dad's licence plate."

"She's hanging out with Beyonce; the world knows her name; at this juncture, we just need to accept that those who disliked her took the L and Elsa won," she said.

Regarding Majimbo's choice to leave Kenya, Kwambox stated:
"I don't hold her accountable. On Twitter (X), the hostility was evident to all of us. There are still others who despise her just for being alive. The girl lost her patience."

"She is on an appropriate track; how do you make people feel despised in their country? If they decide to go elsewhere, then there's a real problem."

Majimbo wants to see the exact moment and place when she declared her hatred for Kenya. Then KRG mocked her, making fun of her declaration.

"I want to pay the young lady Sh760 million and stop being Kenyan because she made small and silly money and thought Kenya as a country was an embarrassment to her!"

"Kenya is the best country in the world as a whole if you make the right move."
Majimbo used to claim to have racial prejudice when living in Kenya.


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