Everyone is simply waiting for me to mess up so they can rejoice. 

Samidoh claims that he is motivated to work even harder by naysayers who are just waiting for him to falter so they may celebrate with champagne.

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The vocalist of Mugithi, who had a packed itinerary for this past weekend, said he was pushing himself to the edge because he was afraid of failing.

On Saturday, November 25, 2023, Samidoh had a performance in Utawala, Nairobi. Early the next day, he was heading to Nyandarua County to join the first-ever Lake Ol'Bolossat marathon with his family.

Samidoh justified his consecutive event schedule in a social media post, saying he did it because he knew his detractors were just waiting for him to falter so they could rejoice.

"It is an all-out sleep-deprived weekend starting with a trip from Utawala to Nyandarua for the Lake Old Bollosat conservation marathon. Samidoh wrote, "Kwanza nikikumbuka vile mnangojaga kinirambe najituma kujituma."

Samidoh overcame overwhelming challenges to rise from extreme poverty to fame and wealth.

His achievement is a testament to his unwavering will, which was fueled by his parents' deaths and the agony of poverty.

The musician Mugithi was born in 1990 into a rural household in Subukia, Nakuru County. Following the loss of their father, his mother raised their five sons alone.

Samidoh's family had a difficult period after the death of his father since his dad's extended relatives had forced them off their land.

After his father's death, his mother used the pension money she received to purchase property in Oljororok.

Samidoh had to momentarily leave school during his seventh-grade year.

In order to supplement the family's income, he went into herding, receiving a pitiful Ksh300 a month at first.

In a previous interview with Betty Kyallo, Samidoh said, "Since we were helpless, he became a herder for six months, where I was paid Ksh300."

After seeing how miserable Samidoh was in his herdering job, his mother's friend decided to take him in. When she signed him up, he finished his elementary schooling at Kieni Primary School.

In his first year of form one, Samidoh lost his mum. His donor covered his tuition, allowing him to finish his secondary school.

Following graduation from high school, he went to Nairobi to play with his brother, the drummer for a band fronted by well-known Kikuyu artist Kamande wa Kioi.

A short time later, he enrolled at Kenya Polytechnic University to study business information technology.

After a successful recruiting process, Samidoh became a member of the Kenya National Police Service and is now a police constable.

While he was serving in the police force, his singing career took off. The first HD video produced by a Kikuyu Benga musician, "We Do Wi Cama," marked his breakthrough release.

He was fortunate enough to perform in Qatar, Dubai, and the UK thanks to the song's widespread broadcast in the local media.

Right now, Samidoh is one of Kenya's highest-earning artists.

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