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Why the controversial Pastor Ng'ang'a ministry is being wanted by the Atheists organisation  

The Criminal Investigation Department (DCI) in Kenya has been requested by the atheist community to prosecute Pastor James Ng'ang'a of the Neno Evangelical church.

In a public statement that was posted on their official page, the community, lead by chairman Harrison Mumia, voiced their worries and denounced the pastor's activities.

Pastor Ng'ang'a is seen making fun of a believer who gave 500 shillings in a video clip that has sparked controversy.

The preacher is accused by the atheists of acting more like a fundraiser than a spiritual guide, claiming that such activity is immoral.

Pastor James Ng'ang'a is a criminal and a fundraiser in our opinion, hence we urge the DCI to arrest him. 

Under the guise of God and the Bible, Pastor Ng'ang'a has a history of stealing unwary Christians and forcibly removing their money.

The destitute and desperate are what he sees outside. It said, 'He employs falsehoods and counterfeit miracles about the unproven acts of the Holy Spirit.

Concerns about Pastor Ng'ang'a reportedly taking advantage of weak people by giving them empty promises of supernatural miracles were further expressed by the atheists.

They underlined that Kenyans should not put up with deception of any kind and asked everyone to stay away from the controversial preacher and his church.

This occurs only days after Pastor Ng'ang'a, the preacher of the Neno Evangelism Centre, was seen on camera pushing papers to his followers.

Ng’ang’a rips up ordinary papers in a widely shared video, telling his fans in a lighthearted way that the ripped pieces are the same as money.

He continues and offers them the opportunity to "purchase" the bits of paper from him, telling them to write the date on the pieces when they return home.

Ng'ang'a laughs suddenly, in the middle of his supporters' frenzy as they rush to gather the ripped documents.

"Hizi ni milioni moja, hizi ni pesa..."Hizi nauza..."These are money, these are one million...," says " Ukifika nyumbani andika tarehe ya leo.I am offering them for sale.Jot down the date when you arrive home."

The preacher keeps laughing throughout the video as he sells the ripped pieces, and his disciples enthusiastically step up to pay for Ng'ang'a's unique paper money with different quantities of cash.

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