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A revolutionary programme to assist those without regular income in meeting the cost of social health insurance requirements is being considered by the government.

An annual lump sum payment equal to 2.75 percent of their anticipated net earnings would be imposed on these persons under the proposed Social Health Insurance (General) Regulations, 2024.

In order to prevent the programme from becoming bankrupt due to "anti-selection," the practice of healthier people not joining, this precaution has been put in place.

Families may find it more difficult to comply with the rules due to the one-time payment. A solution is in the works, and it involves the government teaming up with the Ministry of Co-ops and MSMEs to provide loans tailored to pay for insurance premiums.

Also, the government may limit who can use public services if their payments aren't current, according to the proposed rules.

As the new social health insurance system faces problems of cost and inclusion, this effort shows the government's determination to make healthcare accessible to more people.

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