Mombasa man being loved at Mombasa beach sand

I'm Violet, a stunning 28-year-old woman who was hired in 2016 and lives in Mombasa, Kenya. I graduated from college with a higher diploma in teaching.

I was so focused on my academics that I never had any relationships from the time I started elementary school until I was in secondary school. I was really in love with the first guy I met at the university. He also demonstrated his love and concern for me, but in reality, he was married to someone who didn't reside at the college.

It startled me that every weekend, when I thought we would be hanging out and having a nice time, he would say goodbye, telling me he was heading to their place right away and would return on Sunday night. My buddies had been going on dates with their partners at the time; therefore, I didn't enjoy that arrangement.

We dated for approximately a year and a half, and when I picked up his phone one day while he was having a shower in the bathroom, I was horrified to see that a lady was messaging him. In addition to sending him images of the kid, the mother had written, "Look at your child growing up; just say we miss you, my husband."

I got the woman's number and called her; she revealed to me that she was my boyfriend's wife. My boyfriend then urged me to quit the relationship when he learned that I had gotten in touch with his wife.

I looked for ways to reduce love-related stress since I was experiencing a lot of it at the time. After reading a sister's testimonial on how African Doctors assisted her in finding the love of her life, I went to the African Doctors website ( and obtained his phone number, +254 769404965.

After I graduate from college, I want to be alone for a long time, so I called him and told him I wanted my one and only boyfriend. African doctors reassured me that I should not worry, as he has assisted several ladies in finding the men of their dreams.

Less than a week later, I met the guy of my dreams on the day of a debate between students from a different college and our college. We were able to speak with him that evening after exchanging phone numbers that day after the discussion. His name is Kipkosgei, and he is from the Eldoret area.

Kip, who graduated from college before me and was fortunate enough to have a job in Mombasa, used to treat me to presents and take me out on the weekends throughout our relationship. I used to go see him whenever I had the opportunity, and we would talk about our future together.

He came over to our home right away to introduce himself after I graduated from college. After he paid the dowry six months later, Kip and I were married in Mombasa at a rather modest ceremony.

After around six years of marriage and the blessing of a kid, Kip continues to show his love for me every day and, above all, for my parents. My younger sister is the company's manager, and we are grateful to African Doctors for giving me this gift.

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