Irritated and regular customer demanded Sh. 1.95 billion from Red Bull after suing them for "not growing wings" talks.

Red Bull has been at the forefront of the energy drink market for quite some time, and the brand is massive on a worldwide scale. 

"Red Bull gives you wiiings" is a marketing phrase that is used symbolically to promote the company.

Redbull gives you wings

A guy from the United States called Benjamin Careathers sued the firm in October 2014, ten years ago, for deceptive advertising. After using the energy drink regularly since 2002, he still had not experienced any "wings," he said.

When Benjamin filed the case, he did not anticipate actually developing wings. His legal case centred on his contention that Red Bull energy drinks were not as effective as claimed.

In comparison to coffee, he said, there was less caffeine in a 250 ml can. From his point of view, the judge concurred.

According to Benjamin's complaint, "Such deceptive conduct and practices mean that (Red Bull's) advertising and marketing is not just 'puffery,' but it instead deceptive and fraudulent and it therefore actionable."

According to Red Bull's marketing, their product is the best energy drink on the market. So, they said this was only the case of a single unhappy client and refused to accept fault in the lawsuit.

Nonetheless, Red Bull remained steadfast in their conviction that their 'wiiings' advertising campaign was spot on. Careathers received Sh. 1.95 billion ($13 million) as a settlement in 2015.

Red Bull decided to end the case early to save money and avoid the hassle of going to court. Officially stating in August 2013, Red Bull asserts that its marketing and labelling have consistently been honest and accurate, and rejects any and all wrongdoing or culpability.

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