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My name is Mary Adhiambo, and it will take me a very long time to forget the behaviour of my employer, whom I held in very high regard, when he informed me that in order to advance in my career, I would have to have at least two intimate encounters with him.

Instantaneously, I declined the offer since I possess a strong work capacity, in addition to having a strong academic background and holding professional certifications. I decided to ask myself how I would go about quitting this job if he continued to be a nuisance to me about it.

Immediately after my decision to decline the offer from the boss, my girlfriend, who had discovered me at work when I was only two years old, was able to get a promotion along with the income, while I continued to be unemployed.

Despite the fact that I was aware that it was the manager's resentment against me, I was not going to be dismissed since my employment contract had a clause that said that in the event that I was terminated, they would compensate me for the remaining time.

Because of this, I was left with a great deal of stress, and I made the decision to phone my buddy, who lives in Kisumu, and inquire about the possibility of moving there for employment. I felt that life in Nairobi had defeated me. After I had finished explaining all of my problems to him, she asked me what the issue really was. My supervisor seemed to be genuinely concerned about me.

She informed me that she had been upgraded more than a year ago, and I inquired as to whether or not she had slept with the boss. After that, she was given the chance that I had been working towards for a considerable amount of time. The response that Shee gave me was "no," but she did say that there was someone who assisted her. When I questioned her about who that person was, she replied, African doctors.

So she provided me with his phone number, which is +254 769404965. I contacted African Doctors and spoke to him in further depth about the problem I was having, and he did not hesitate to offer me the assurance that there is a cure. In the next forty-eight hours, I will receive the answers to the questions that he asked me to wait for.

Before even twenty-four hours had passed, the human resources department of our workplace called me and informed me that there was a letter from the boss that I needed to go and receive. The letter was presented to me when I arrived, and when I read it, I saw that it was a notification that I had been promoted. Within the letter, there was a new work contract that I needed to sign in order to begin receiving a higher income. I was able to begin working right away.

Right away, I signed the contract, handed it over to human resources, and went back to my house to get some rest since the following week I would begin doing responsibilities that were different from the ones I had been performing before.

It has been around four months since I started working at my new job, and I have received a wonderful income. However, I have not slept with the boss as he anticipated. Or, to put it another way, African physicians are folks who are on an entirely different level.

In addition to that, African doctors have the capacity to make you a fortunate person in life, to win the lottery, to shield you from your adversaries, and to do quite a bit more.

Contact African Doctors by number; +254 769 404965, visit their website;  or email them;

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