Prophet Owuor Private jet

Prophet David Owuor gifted a luxurious jet in Brazil for his missionary work. A private plane has been given to the Prophet Dr. David Owuor in recognition of his gospel work in Brazil.

Rosenverg Reis, the State Deputy in the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly, welcomed Prophet Owuor as he began his mission in Brazil on January 30.

According to Reis, the Man of God was granted a private plane to help in his missionary work.

"We give thanks to the Man of God for his commitment to sharing the good news of Jesus' atoning death and resurrection. In order to support his missionary work, we as a state have chosen to award him with a luxurious Lear Business Jet 45 from Bombardier Aerospace Manufacturers," he said.

The National Conference of Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel marked the beginning of the prophet's revival ministry in the cosmopolitan state of Rio de Janeiro.

Prophet Owuor Crusade in Brazil

Later on, it culminated in a sizable healing ceremony that took place in both the charming seaside town of Cabo Frio and the city of Duque de Caxias.

In a statement, Cabo Frio Mayor Magdala Furtado, who coordinated the gatherings with her cabinet, said:

We find the Prophet's message to be meaningful, and we beg him to keep blessing Brazil. His powerful ministry and message of healing, spiritual rejuvenation, and hope are what our people need. This serves as motivation for constructive change in our country."

Prophet Owuor Crusade in Brazil

She continued, saying: "Many reported miraculous healings, including the crippled getting up and walking, the blind receiving back their sight, and deaf people hearing, among many other conditions."

"Two doctors (a senior cardiologist and a paediatrician) also reported that they were healed from different conditions."

Prophet Owuor was treated to an exceptional supper by Rosenverg Reis, the State Deputy of Rio de Janeiro, as his mission came to an end.

He praised the Man of God for leading a fruitful gospel mission in Rio and said that this is a pivotal time for their socio-political environment.

Prophet Owuor received an invitation to a massive gospel crusade in Brazil at the same time next year from Reis on behalf of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro.

On Wednesday, prophet Dr. David Owuor is anticipated to return to the nation.

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