Raila and Kalonzo in Kitui

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, finally spoke out on Saturday about his intention to support Kalonzo Musyoka for the presidential candidature in the 2027 general elections.

Speaking to a crowd after a Kitui County funeral, Odinga said he was still involved in politics and that it was too soon to support the coalition's flag bearer.

"If Kalonzo is the nominee, what issue arises? I didn't say Kalonzo couldn't run for office." Raila remarked, "I simply said we came from far; Kalonzo backed me, and I can also assist him."

"I also didn't declare that I was giving up on politics. When I give up, I'll be honest about it."

According to Odinga, there were a few other coalition candidates interested in assuming the role in addition to Kalonzo.

Raila went on to say that the coalition will choose a nominee in due course to assume leadership of the group.

"Kalonzo takes over when I'm not there, but I prefer that people wait. The Orange Democratic Movement leader said, "We have people who want it: former Water CS Eugene Wamalwa, former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya, head of the Roots Party George Wajackoyah, and leader of Narc Kenya Martha Karua."

Additionally, the former prime minister denied any division within Azimio, pointing out that the accusations were intended to incite fear inside the coalition. The coalition leaders, in Raila's opinion, were still following the same script.

"I've known Kalonzo for a very long time. Upon seeing Kalonzo strolling together with Eugene Wamalwa, rumours circulate that Azimio and Kalonzo are splitting up. They say Azimio is split when Raila goes to ODM recruiting," the Azimio leader pointed out.

"In Azimio, each party is aware of its place. For example, Wiper, Eugene's DAP, Jubilee, and even ODM are all in positions of leadership. Azimio is energised when the affiliate parties possess energy."

Odinga expressed his views two weeks after denying rumours that there was division within the alliance. Speaking in Lamu County on January 23, Odinga said that the media's carelessness was the source of the falsehoods.

"We want to stop the media from disseminating needless and careless propaganda. A few parliamentarians chose to go for a stroll, but otherwise Azimio has stayed unbroken. A dispute does not exist," said Raila.

Raila refuted allegations that he was to support Kalonzo's candidature in a statement released in October of last year. Odinga said that endorsing a candidate for the flag was premature.

He went on to say that his admiration for the Wiper leader at Oburu Odinga's birthday party was only a confirmation of Kalonzo's previous support for the alliance.

Raila Odinga stated in a statement that he "specifies that his praise for H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka for walking alongside him in three consecutive elections, the Wiper leader's strong Christian values, and the base of support Mr. Musyoka has built across the country was not a recommendation of Mr. Musyoka as the Azimio presidential candidate in 2027."

"Rather, the glowing review was an appreciation and recognition of past achievements that are within the entirety of the public domain."

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