An ex-governor of Nairobi Mike Sonko remarked on the contentious picture that has gone viral online.

The portrait, according to Sonko, was taken last weekend in Kitui at an Anzauni clan celebration, when he was privileged to be the Chief Guest. His denial is based on his assertion that the photograph was doctored.

Mike Sonko on viral photo

To express oneself, he said it was so embarrassing. According to Mike Sonko's X account, the lady in the now-viral photo was Photoshopped to seem without clothes when in reality she was not.

"I have spotted that the supposed photo of a lady sitting behind me showing off her rosecoco is doctored," he said.

 A Photoshop job gave the impression that the woman's rosecoco was visible, but it wasn't.

Also, thex-governoror has spoken out against the actions, saying that it is unacceptable for anybody to hurt a woman—a person with whom he insists he has no familiarity—in a similar manner.

But he did say that anybody who knew anything about the lady should contact him or his office.

"Even though the woman is not a face in the crowd, she deserves dignity and respect," Sonko added, referring to the woman as someone who is a mother, sister, daughter, or aunt. 

"So, I am begging everyone who knows her to give me a call or see her in my offices immediately so that we can figure out how to pay for therapy for her and her family.

"Just remember to keep your distance when filming politicians in close-up or breakaway shots for news or stories. Especially during this hot season when most of our beautiful women do not wear knickers," he stated.

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