Murang'a county assembly headquarters

A male local politician from Murang'a County is currently in exile with an old woman, alias Sugarmummy, after borrowing money and ending up being auctioned.

Crying alone in the toilet, he is now heard arguing strongly in the bars, drinking alcohol, about how the politicians he was involved with in the past have abandoned him in his current plight.

"I campaigned for them with a pure spirit and with all my hard work until they won the seats. They promised me that they would hold me back from starting a business. Now my life is messed up," he was heard arguing.

The man's problems began to form like a cloud of tragedy when he moved from the camp of one politician and jumped to another with a debt of Sh400,000.

The politician had loaned him the money from the local development fund, but he ran off with another politician before returning it.

The man's deception consisted of getting the new politician to pay back the loan. The desire to not pay the loan is what led him. "He forgot that politicians are the same as scumbags," said the informant.

Finally, the two politicians discussed it, and then the man found himself in trouble.

"The politician of the new camp, despite promising the man that he would pay him the money, jumped him and cooperated in hunting him so that he would be auctioned," said the informant.

The man was surprised in the morning to see that the cars to collect his property had arrived at his gate, and his wife and two children had to escape and leave him with his shame.

"At the moment, that guy has no wife, no family, and no money. Misery for him is like his shadow following him where he is. But luckily for him, there is someone who has taken pity on him and adopted him as a love pet," said the informant.

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