Due to a violation of the Films and Stage Plays Act, gospel musicians Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe have been compelled to remove their most recent tracks from all online platforms.

According to Nelly Muluka, acting chief executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), their songs "Niko Uchi" and "Yesu Ninyandue" break the law and endanger children and the public.

gospel musicians Chris Embarambamba and William Getumbe

According to her, the songs' virality on social media has also caused others to react negatively.

"The song titled 'Niko Uchi,' which is purportedly gospel and contains bare legs and crude language, promotes mockery of the Christian religion," Muluka added.

"Additionally, it has been brought to light that the artist's dancing styles may prove aggressive at times and that some of her performances feature imitable behaviour that children and teens could find harmful if they imitate it," she said.

According to Muluka, Embarambamba and Getumbe have been sent letters demanding the removal of the material, adding that if they do not comply, they would be prosecuted under the Kenyan Films and Stage Plays Act, Cap. 222.

Several platform providers have also been asked to remove the offensive information, according to Muluka.

She assured the public that the board would keep an eye out for objectionable material, report it to the proper authorities, and take necessary action on behalf of the platform owners.

The chief executive officer urged the people to keep an eye out for any improper material posted online under the pretence of free speech and to report it.

The board wants everyone producing material to follow the rules laid forth in Cap. 222 and the other laws that control the creative sector, Muluka said.

She emphasised that content providers should make it a top priority to avoid exposing children to dangerous information and to create content that upholds the country's culture, moral principles, and national goals.

Embarambamba became famous for his acrobatic feats and explosive dance routines, which often baffled his fans.

Rooftop leaps, rolling in muddy puddles, chasing livestock, uprooting crops, climbing trees, and hanging on roofing trusses are commonplace in his live shows and movies.

His most recent video, which has gone viral, shows him dancing shirtless in the river.

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