Despite his enormous wealth—Sh. 1.8 million per year—the richest witch doctor in Kenya never misses a Sunday service.

The word "witchdoctor" often brings to mind a terrifying figure who seems to be living in extreme poverty in a matope house, armed with terrifying spells and claiming to be able to transform their clients' fortunes for the better.

Richest witch doctor in Kenya earning 1.8 million

Luckily, Anne Mutheu is not any of these things. At first glance, she seems like the wife of a politician; however, a deeper look reveals that she is really a witch doctor. Based on her residence, it seems like Mutheu is living it up in style.

Anne Mutheu dropped out of Kitwii Primary School in Kanzalu, Kangundo after eighth grade. She learned the trade from her parents and has no shame in flaunting her money, as she said in an earlier interview.

The common perception is that witch doctors are destitute and unhappy. That is untrue. "I am a wealthy woman who has become wealthy through my juju business," she remarked.

In contrast to most witch doctors who depend on bizarre accouterments to accomplish their tasks, Mutheu uses the Bible to assist her customers. She mentioned that on Sundays she never skips church.

The woman, who goes by "the boss lady," has constructed an opulent house with a swimming pool and fancy cars scattered over the property. Her home has drawn additional patrons.

It's important to note that she made it clear that her businesses—rather than her craft—are the primary source of her riches. Mutheu mentioned that she owns several real estate holdings across the nation.

In addition to personal vehicles, a fuel station, three PSVs, three trucks, and plots in Tala, Mombasa, Malindi, and Nakuru, she also owns a petrol station.

Worryingly, most witch doctors live in filthy places. It is my own decision to do business uniquely. 

"My business is booming with customers who cannot get enough of my services. What she meant was that if you put people at ease, they would come back again and again. 

"As an example, the couch and loveseat in the room where I attended to clients are worth around Sh. 350,000. The room has more than one set. "

According to what Mutheu said, she may attend as many as eighty customers in a day. She effortlessly earns Sh. 80,000 in a single day, charging Sh. 1000.

She has the potential to earn at least Sh. 1.8 million every month, according to previous sources. 

She serves affluent clients, including politicians, entrepreneurs, and high-ranking executives of corporations. 

Allegedly, Mutheu uses email or WhatsApp to ask for images of his international clientele. Through the photographs, she can diagnose their problems and provide them with healing. 

According to Mutheu, "I do not regret anything." She went on to say that her mother had given her trade instructions and told her she could do it because she was born with a witch's spirit. 

Additionally, she said that her efforts had decreased crime in her area.

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