Born and raised in Kaloleni, Kilifi County, Benson Chengo did not find an easy way to establish himself in his home village at Mwabaya Nyundo. Things went south after starting a grocery business and rearing livestock. 

The father of three children, who began his little business in early 2010, however, passed through many difficulties. The most difficult situation that he had to overcome was theft and violence.

"My business was like a playground for thieves. They come at night, take a little, and keep on reducing my stock. I went to the Kizurini police station to report them. However, I did not get much help as investigations kept going to infinity," he said. 

His grocery business was a one-stop shop for thieves who stole his savings. Around 2014, a customer came into his shop and miraculously took all of his money for the day. This method of stealing is locally known as "Chuma Ulete.". 

"Jamaa alikuja kwa duka kununua Royco. He gave me only Sh100. Sikumbuki vile nilifungua drawer ya pesa nikamkusanyia yote nikampa. My senses came back after an hour. Na huyo mtu alikua ameenda mbali sana. Later, I discovered it was called Chuma Ulete," he said.

So what is "Chuma Ulete"? The method uses some tricks and magic to let the person give you all the money without hustling. Then, after giving the money, you realise your mistake after a few minutes or hours.

" Chuma Ulete ni kama magic, mteja anakuja kununua bidhaa. Unachukua hela yake unachanganya na yako ya biashara alafu unampatia fedha zote kama change on the balance. Hii pia hufanyika hata usiku umelala unaamka unapata mtaji wako umepungua," he added. 

"The thieves use some spells that will suspend your mind for some time, so follow their instructions." Benson Chengo tried all means to secure his business, but in vain. 

The thieves began stealing his cows and goats, one after the other. That was so stressful for him. However, a friend came to his rescue. 

His friend introduced him to Kiwanga Doctors, who are specialists in securing business while giving back your fortune and luck. 

"My friend introduced me to a specialist who really helped my family and my business. Kiwanga Doctors on +254769404965 have been a pillar in my business," he said.

After a call, Kiwanga Doctors rest assured him that stealing was something of the past and his business with his livestock would continue without any problem. 

Benson Chengo's home in Mwabaya Nyundo Kaloleni Kilifi county photo

The Kiwanga Doctors provided a spell to protect him and give him luck. A year later, around 2016, thieves broke up his business again and stole the entire stock. He was afraid that his business had actually ended abruptly, but after two days, things unfolded.

Three men came to his home shouting, "Tusamehe tukuletee. Hizi viboko tunachapwa zinaumiza." The thieves were being canned badly day and night. The two days were enough for the beatings. 

Benson Chengo knew that the protection spell was working. The only way for them to relieve themselves was to return everything they stole. Buying and getting back to the shop what they consumed as well for the spell to unspell.

"Tunachapwa viboko mgongoni. Tusamehe Chengo. That is how they came to my home, crying. They really looked to be in a lot of pain. I gathered some courage and told them to bring everything for the shop and arrange it accordingly, and they will be relieved," Chengo added.

The suspect families came to their rescue after helping them restore Benson Chengo's grocery store. After getting back the entire stock, they were relieved and walked back home, vowing not to steal again. 

"After taking back my entire stock, all came to pass. I have never experienced any form of stress or torture from thieves. They salute my business. I can forget to close the door, and nothing will be stolen. All the villagers knew my story, and now thieves fear for their lives," he concluded.

Chengo's shop has been growing from a grocery store to a wholesale and distribution store in the area. Thieves or other unscrupulous people have never interfered with his business. His livestock have multiplied tremendously and are living in a stress-free environment. 

For business owners who are tired of thieves breaking into their stores, being unlucky and stressed due to tough times with their business, and tired of magicians who use 'Chuma Ulete' for their store or business, among others, Kiwanga Doctors has a solution for your business that will give you peace of mind. Find more information on their website,, or call+254769404965.

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