Duke Mainga, the chairperson of the Commodities Fund's board of trustees

Duke Mainga, the chairperson of the Commodities Fund's board of trustees, has offered renowned musician Chris Mosioma, also known as Embarambamba, assistance after he suddenly found himself in a difficult situation.

Kisii native Embarambamba lamented his situation, saying he couldn't afford to fill up his motorbike with petrol so he could go back home after doing multiple performances in Nairobi.

Mainga, alias Echate, posted about what had happened and expressed worry for Embarambamba's situation on his Facebook page.

He related how the musician came to his workplace and expressed his annoyance at being left stuck in Nairobi because he didn't have enough money to fuel his motorcycle to return to Kisii.

"It is regrettable that a well-known artist like this still has to rely on a motorcycle for lengthy trips and finds it impossible to pay 3,000 shillings for petrol. This is very worrying!"  Mainga said.

He also underlined the need to cease taking advantage of our artists and demanded immediate action to properly handle Embarambamba's business.

"Let's not take advantage of our artists. Furthermore, it's critical that he get appropriate treatment," Mainga said.


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