Governor George Natembeya

As of Friday, March 22, the Senate Devolution Committee successfully negotiated a conflict that had been going on for a considerable amount of time between Governor George Natembeya of Trans Nzoia and his deputy, Philomena Kapkory.

The governor and his deputy met behind closed doors for a period of three hours with the intention of addressing the issue at hand. This achievement came as a result of that meeting.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, the senators addressed the press and made a statement about the successful mediation process. They highlighted the fact that Natembeya and the deputy had reached an agreement to effectively collaborate with one another.

"We have nothing but praise for the Governor and his deputy for agreeing that they would work collaboratively to offer appropriate solutions for the people of Trans Nzoia," according to Senator Oburu Oginga of Siaya.

As a result of Kapkory's complaint, which stated that she had received death threats, the senators were compelled to travel to Trans-Nzoia County.

Despite the fact that she held the position of principal assistant to the governor, she further asserted that she had been marginalised and excluded from the majority of activities that took place within the county.

As an additional point of contention, the deputy governor asserted that certain members of the County Executive Committee and employees of the county showed her disrespect.

During the intervention, the senators emphasised the importance of maintaining a productive working relationship with the county government. They stated that Trans Nzoia was the region that provided the majority of Kenya's food supply.

During this time, the governor gave his deputy his word that she would be safe and greeted her when she returned to her office. Not only that, but he also mentioned that she will now direct her efforts towards providing services to the people.

Not only did the deputy governor express gratitude to the senators for their visit to the county, but he also urged them to travel to other counties that are experiencing similar challenges.

"I would like to plead with the Senate to arrange a meeting with all deputy governors in order to comprehend the difficulties we are confronting," the deputy governor stated in his statement.

Additionally, the senators met with the members of the county assembly in order to discuss issues that were of great interest to both parties.

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