For over 8 years, things have been tough in marriage, with the man of my dreams spending most of his time with mistresses. He was just jumping from one hotel to another until his mother decided to spill the beans on how to stop such a character, just like the father.

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The last 2 years were hectic with her man, who could spend a month without a dime and even meet the children. Fatuma Abdhallah explains how she ended the bizarre nature of her husband that he inherited from his father. 

"My mother-in-law noticed my struggles, but she kept quiet. For all those years, I have been the submissive and supportive wife, but the father to my children later could not notice. We have been married for 15 years with four children.

Fatuma explains that her mother-in-law saw how she was suffering but kept quiet because she did not want to be in the middle of her son's marriage. 

"My mother-in-law saw my husband's behaviour but kept quiet, saying, Sikutaka kuharibu ndoa yenu kwa kuingilia kati. Nilingoja nielezwe ndio nisaidie, lakini niliona baada ya kuzaa mtoto wa pili.

The mother of four said that she got help from Kadhi, but the answer was to just pray and pray harder; he would change. Her friends too told her to persevere, as in Islam, a man can marry four wives. 

So she could advocate for other wives so that the man could settle down again. She got many advices, but it reached a point where her mother-in-law was the last resort.


"When I broke the news to my mother-in-law after eight years of suffering, she said her son and his father are alike. Mtoto wangu na babake wako na tabia moja. 


"After the birth of my first child out of five, his father began such characters. But after a year, I got help from friends. This man helped me solve all my problems with my husband, and now we have spent over 10 years living in harmony and peace," Fatuma's mother-in-law said.


Fatuma was referred to specialits who have been helping many people struggling in marriage. Her mother-in-law took her to the Kiwanga Doctors. 


"She called Kiwanga Doctors on +254769404965 and picked up the call. My mother-in-law explained everything to the man who was on the phone. The man asked my in-law to give me the phone. 


Man crying alone at home in Kenya

"I told the man to do what it takes to make my man settle without any harm. YES! He told me to wait for 5 minutes on the phone. Then she told me the results would be visible after 24 hours. I should also visit him within a month.


Kiwanga Doctors results in 24 hours.

What happened after 24 hours was unbelievable. Fatuma added that her husband came back home while crying. She explains, "My husband came home while crying; after asking him, he said in two words, I'm sorry."


"My husband said hawezi mwaga ndani tena. Alijaribu hakufaulu baada ya kufanya tendo kwa guest house takriban masaa mawili na nusu. Lakini alipojaribu kumwaga nje, ilitoka yote pap. 


"It was unusual to him. So he tested another woman. He stayed on top for another hour. Lakini akitoa anamwaga nje alafu anawashwa. So he went straight to the hospital for medication; however, after the diagnosis, there was absolutely nothing.


"He came home after the two attempts so that he could do it to me and see the results. It was an amazing round of ammunition. He did a great job despite being anxious. 


"From that day on, love began afresh. Despite being on menopause, I always feel great. So after two weeks, my mother-in-law took me to Kiwanga Doctors to seal the troubles through their divorce spells. Now it's another four years in a happy marriage. My relationship with my mother-in-law has strengthened, and that of my husband as well. It's now a happy family," Fatuma said.


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